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Photos of Colonial Days
Photos of Myanmar / Burma
Yangon (Rangoon) 1
Yangon (Rangoon) 2
Yangon (Rangoon) 3
Bago (Pegu)
Yegyin (Near Pinmana)
Bagan, Nyaung-Oo 1
Bagan, Nyaung-Oo 2
Bagan, Nyaung-Oo 3
Ruins in Bagan 1
Ruins in Bagan 2 
Ruins in Bagan 3 
Mandalay and the around
Pyin U Lwin (Maymyo)
Burma Road
Pyay (Prome)
Inle Lake
Ronton Village (Indawgyi Lake)
Indawgyi Paya Festival
Naga 2001 ~1
Naga 2001 ~2
Naga 2002 ~1
Naga 2002 ~2
Chin (Tiddim)
Chin (around Mindat) 2001
Chin (around Mindat) 2002
Chin (around Mindat) - Lun Yu (Stone-Carrying Ceremony)
Putao to Ponkan Lazi
River Dolphin
Nat (Animism)
Thingyan (Water Festival)
Burmese Restaurants in Japan
Myanmar Restaurants in Kanto Area, Japan

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I am a professional photographer named Goto Osami, living in Tokyo, Japan. I have been to Myanmar/Burma seven times, for over a total of 400 days since 1987.

My first visit to Burma was in 1987. "Burma is the realm of dreams". A Japanese man who happened to share a room with me in Turfan, China said these words, and they led me to Burma. Although my tourist visa was valid for only one week, I found his words to be true. From that time on, I have soaked myself in Ayeyarwady river and I have become Myanmar freak. In this home page, I insert mainly photographs taken since 1994 in Myanmar.

The Light of the Jungle / The story in Myanmar Jungle
This is a life story of a little leaf boy born under a starry night sky. He grows up in a jungle where elephants, leopards, deer, monkeys or birds bring continuous changes. As he becomes a tree spirit, he comes across with the other tree spirit and learns about the system of the forest and the rules of nature. Through the battle of eat-or-being-eaten in the jungle, he keeps thinking about how he can be useful to others.
Based on the author's long-time experience in a tropical jungle (in Myanmar), this is a story filled with lively description of the colorful nature of a jungle. It is a fantasy, introducing the readers about the system of the forest, continuous life cycles, and conflicts between modern society and the nature to think about them.

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